Table of Major Allergen Traces Found in Probiotics:

It is estimated that two out of three people have some degree of lactose, soy or gluten sensitivity. 
Every probiotic contains both good bacteria and traces of the solution it is grown in.
PROVIOTIC is grown in 100% vegetable juice: it does not contain lactose, soy, or gluten.
Most probiotics are grown in milk, soy or barley based solutions.

 Table of Probiotic Animal Ingredient Content: 

After the initial isolation, all probiotics are grown in nutritious solutions where the good bacteria can multiply to high numbers of Colony Forming Units (CFU)
Most probiotics are grown in a solution that is a combination of powdered milk and a chemical base. Traces of this solution can be found in the final product
PROVIOTIC is grown in 100% vegetable juice, that is GMO free and pesticides free. The only traces that can be found in PROVIOTIC are from vegetables supplied from local farms.
PROVIOTIC is 100% vegan