The Purest and Powerfull Probiotic  

ProViotic is a probiotic that contains only probiotic bacteria and traces of carrot juice.


What makes ProViotic really unique is the specific probiotic bacteria inside - Lactobacilus Bulgaricus- GLB 44


This strain of bacteria was well tested and researched and recognized for its unique properties to inhibit major pathogen bacteria, that could be found in the human body, by Harvard Medical School.

In the United States, Harvard Medical School scientists tested ProViotic's good bacteria against eight of the worst pathogens with the following scientific results:

     Pathogen Inhibition Rate                 ProViotic inhibition rate*:

     In Vitro

  • E.Coli                                              100%

  • Salmonella t.                                   100%

  • Listeria m.                                       100%

  • P.aeruginosa                                    100%

  • S.aureus                                         100%

  • A.baumanii                                      100%

  • E.faecalis                                         99.86%

  • E.faecium                                        99.68%

*initial count of pathogen bacteria: 100,000 CFU/ml​

ProViotic selectively inhibit only the pathogen bacteria

One of the things that amazed Harvard Medical School the most about ProViotic bacteria - Lactobacilus Bulgaricus was its ability to selectively inhibit only the pathogen bacteria and none of the good bacteria. 

The other thing that amazed Harvard and makes the ProViotic bacteria unique is its size.

The evidence that a probiotic works is its effectiveness against pathogen bacteria.A significant factor of the effectiveness and strength of the probiotic bacteria is the bacteriocin producing capability.

Bacteriucins are short proteins (peptides) that inhibits other bacteria by making the surrounding environment unfriendly. Bacteriocin secretion occurs across the cell membrane, and it is a function of membrane bound plasmids. Thus, the bigger the bacteria, the larger is the bacteriocin producing capacity for strains that have this capability in the first place.

ProViotic CFU length is 14μm, which is between 3 and 10 times bigger than the majority of the other probiotic bacteria.

Size comparison between proviotic bacteria and other probiotic bacteria