The Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) is a beautiful flower that grows in many European countries, heralding spring on the snowy mountain tops. However, our good bacteria can only be found on the leaves of the South East European snowdrop, on the slopes of the Old Mountain in Bulgaria.

   Thus, our goodbacteria 
is named L. bulgaricus. There are over 300 different types of L. bulgaricus, but PROVIOTIC® is the only one extracted directly from the leaves of this plant. All the other bulgaricus are originally sourced from traditional dairy yogurts. While genetically similar, PROVIOTIC® is unique because its natural habitat is vegan; this is why our unique bulgaricus thrives better than all others in fresh juice. The snowdrop is equipped to survive high in the mountain slopes where temperatures often drop to below freezing overnight. Indigenous to cold climates, this also explains why our good bacteria thrives in our cold pressed juice, even when kept in the refrigerator. Competing for survival against other bacteria on the Old Mountain of Bulgaria, PROVIOTIC® good bacteria is able to secure the scarce nutrients available in early spring. This is another indication of PROVIOTIC® strength, and sheds light on why our scientific tests have shown such powerful results.


  • Most probiotics are isolated from the human or animal mouth, intestines or colon.

  • PROVIOTIC is isolated from the European Snowdrop Flower

Table of Probiotic Bacteria Natural Habitat:

in comparison to some of the other probiotics natural habitat, our Proviotic probiotic bacteria is isolated from the patles of a snowdrop flower